Top Rope Climbing

Nervous about climbing in the outdoors? Don’t have the gear but want to give it a go? Or do you have a loved one who you know would love the opportunity to climb on some real rock in the outdoors? Melbourne Climbing School offers “Experience Days”, where we provide all the safety equipment and training you need for an exciting day of climbing on some of Victoria’s most spectacular rock formations. You will be free to have fun all day, knowing that a certified, experienced and very friendly rock-climbing guide is willing and able to handle all the safety stuff for you.

No experience necessary

You don’t need to have climbed before, even at an indoor climbing gym. However if you have, then you will have already learned to “belay” a partner – this skill will help, as we use a similar skill in the outdoors. Either way, your guide will cover these basics with you before you start.

All safety equipment provided

Melbourne Climbing School has all the essential safety equipment (and then some) to keep you and your loved ones super safe while climbing on outdoor rock. You will only need to bring suitable clothing and footwear for light hiking, and your own lunch and water for the day (and a camera!).

A day tailored to you

Age, gender, height, fitness and strength are all things that have no impact whatsoever on whether you can rock climb. Your race or religion make no difference of course, and you may be surprised to hear that even physical disability is not always a barrier. We will plan the day based on you – what you have done before (if anything), your preferences for location and your comfort with heights. Do you want to challenge yourself on shorter top-rope climbs, or test your head space on long adventure routes? Even if you are super nervous about climbing in general, we have you covered.

Always something new

The great thing about outdoor rock climbing is that two days are never the same. So whether it is your first day with a guide or your hundredth – there is always a new rock to challenge you!

Amazing scenery

Experience beautiful rock formations close to Melbourne and challenge yourself to climb above the trees, where you can look out at the incredible panoramas. You can’t get these views from any tourist viewing platform! And the best bit? Once you have been to one area, there are plenty of others, all offering a unique blend of flora and fauna, rock type and incredible views.

Awesome photographs

If you have Aaron as your guide, he also happens to be a great photographer! So bring along your own camera or let him use his – he’s bound to get the perfect shot for you to show your friends!

  • The day starts at a pre-agreed location where we will park the car(s).
  • Here you will meet your guide, who will supply you with a harness, helmet and other essential safety equipment for the day. We will also check that you have appropriate clothing, footwear, and enough lunch and water for 4-6 hours away from the car.
  • Depending on the location we will walk for 5-30 minutes through some beautiful bushland to reach the cliff face.
  • Your guide will have you fit harnesses and helmets in a secure location while he/she uses ropes to ready the rock face for climbing.
  • From there, a safety instruction briefing will take place, showing you how to secure the rope while your partner climbs. This is called belaying – if you have climbed indoors before this briefing is very similar to the one you would have received then.
  • Over the next few hours, and with the constant encouragement of your guide, you are free to challenge your fitness and comfort level and to have a lot of fun! Your guide will take care of setting up new climbs as necessary so there is plenty of “new” rock climbs to keep you challenged.
  • Near the end of the session your guide will remove the rigging and show you how the equipment gets packed away – it would be great if you helped them with this.
  • We will do a final visual check of the area making sure nothing is left, then walk back to the cars together.
  • As one of Melbourne’s newest rock climbing enthusiasts, you will share your amazing photographs from the day on social media, and recommend the Melbourne Climbing School to everybody you know! Right?

Prices for guiding in 2017 are:

  • Half Day – $140 per adult, $120 per child (<16)
  • Full Day – $220 per adult, $140 per child
  • Book with three or more and they get half-price
  • For family bookings, the second child is free and all others are half price

Experience days can be run with more than 6 people on request – please contact me if your group is larger than this.

List of upcoming guiding days (note subject to minimum numbers):

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Don’t see a guiding day you want coming up? Please email or simply call Aaron on 0424 383 831 to book an experience day.