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In sport climbing areas the rock has been pre-prepared with fixed metal bolts and rings drilled and glued in place permanently. But in trad climbing areas there are no such permanent placements – instead the rock usually has natural features – cracks, holes, gaps and protrusions – that not only serve as hand and/or foot-holds, but can serve as handy places to put temporary protection such as cams, nuts, hexes and slings. This is the essence of trad climbing – placing temporary hardware on your way up the rock, that you can clip the rope to to stay attached and safe.

Trad climbing can seem like a scary concept to most people, and learning to place the gear well is an art – but with the right mentor and adequate practice you will not find that it is not nearly as daunting as it appears. Additionally the rope skills needed to effectively manage the session are much more complicated than in sport climbing, but again a structured course will teach you this. Once those two small hurdles are overcome, you will discover an all new amazing and incredibly rewarding aspect of climbing that you never knew existed!

What will we learn?

On this course you will learn to:

  • Adjust belay habits to suit traditional rock climbing
  • Prepare your gear prior to leaving the ground ready for safe, efficient climbing
  • Identify the best type of gear for a particular rock feature
  • Build multi-point anchor systems using trad gear and your rope
  • Return at the end of your session without leaving any of your equipment behind
  • Recognise the most common trad climbing mistakes and easy methods to mitigate them