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Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing Course

Do you hunger for thrilling exposure? Do you want to really challenge your control over your fear of heights? How about the amazing views that most people simply will never see?

Taking your single-pitch trad-climbing skills on longer, multi-pitch routes can seem like an even scarier prospect than trad climbing was in the previous course, but again once you have covered the techniques you will find it not nearly as scary and will discover an even more amazing aspect of the vertical world you already love.

What will we learn?

Among the skills covered in this course are:

  • Planning your day before you start, preparing for any eventuality
  • The importance of clear, concise communication on multi-pitch routes
  • Additional types of anchor systems
  • Additional belay techniques
  • Smooth transitioning from top-belay to lead-belay while on the wall
  • The importance of staying vigilant even after arriving at the top
  • Preparing equipment for a walking descent, or –
  • Using two ropes for very-long abseils

Location: Mt Arapiles. The area we climb at and the grade of the routes will be tailored to the group participant’s skill levels.

Duration: 2 days for participants who have Single-Pitch trad skills already