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Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing Course


This course is suitable for people who have done some trad-climbing before and are used to setting single-pitch trad anchors.

What will we learn?

Among the skills covered in this course are:

  • Planning your day before you start, preparing for any eventuality
  • The importance of clear, concise communication on multi-pitch routes
  • Additional types of anchor systems
  • Additional belay techniques
  • Smooth transitioning from top-belay to lead-belay while on the wall
  • The importance of staying vigilant even after arriving at the top
  • Preparing equipment for a walking descent, or –
  • Using two ropes for very-long abseils

Location: Mt Arapiles. The area we climb at and the grade of the routes will be tailored to the group participant’s skill levels.

Duration: 2 days for participants who have Single-Pitch trad skills already