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Would you know what to do if something out-of-the-ordinary happened while you and a partner were out rock climbing? Are you sure? This course lays the foundations for self rescue in some of the most common situations rock climbers find themselves in. A full 2-day course will give you a set of skills you can use regularly – not just in the odd “emergency” situation, but often to make your normal climbing day a little more comfortable as well. Make no mistake – all outdoor climbers of all levels should know and have spent dedicated time practicing these skills.

I am often told that the “Essential Rescue” weekend is among the most fun and informative weekends that many of my participants have done. I hope you will agree!

On this course you will learn:

  • Belaying from a top-anchor
  • Rope management at the belay station
  • Tying off a belay device
  • Rescue Knots – Munter Hitch, Munter-Mule, Alpine Butterfly
  • Escaping the belay
  • Z-drags
  • Prusik knots and their uses
  • Prusiking up, and prusiking past a knot
  • Abseiling down, and abseiling past a knot
  • Lowering a partner/casualty past a knot (i.e. more than one rope length)

NOTE: you should have Top-roping or Sport Climbing skills already before coming on this course. Please note that course numbers are limited – we will organise another date for you if the current course is full.

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12-18 (minimum age 12)19+

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